Who Am I and Why is This Here?

Greetings! I am Sam Gafford and this is the first post in this irregular blog called COMIC BOOK ROUND-UP. It’s very simple. I read comics and I tell you about them here. This isn’t meant to be any type of scholarly research. I’m just a fan telling you what I think about the comics I read.

I was born in 1962 and have been reading comics since about 1967 or so which means that I’ve read an awful LOT of comics (and a lot of AWFUL comics as well). I have a deep interest in comic book history so I may be talking about some of that in these posts. It is also likely that a bulk of these entries will be about old comics that I’ve just read. I have a deep fondness for old comics and how delightfully silly or stupid they could be at times.

I hope you enjoy this blog and, if you’re inclined, please leave comments.